Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beetle-kill Pine Room Divider

Well, New Year's resolution to write one post a month lasted...well, about a month.  Here's installment #2 for 2014!  Lots happening in general out here in Colorado and I have a few projects on the bench right now, so Yitz is a-hoppin'.

Today's project is a Beetle-kill Pine Room Divider I recently built.  It's got it all:  the rustic look, live edges, sawmill finish (on the reverse), and negative space.  It's made of reclaimed beetle-kill pine with an oil finish.  The frame is also beetle-kill, but dyed grey with a water soluble dye. Overall, this room divider is 80 inches tall and 96 inches wide.

Beetle-kill pine is wood from ponderosa and lodge pole pine trees that have been attacked and killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae).  When the beetles have killed the tree, they leave behind the distinctive blue staining.  The affected trees are harvested and the lumber finds it's way into beautiful furniture and building products for your home.

What do you think?

(click on the photo to embiggen)

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