Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eitz Hadar - The Movie

How happy and excited are your interior design clients with your suppliers' work?  We have captured the excitement of receiving a piece of furniture from Eitz Hadar Woodworks on film!
( click photo to embiggen )

A few weeks ago we delivered this eight-foot-tall cherry armoire to a client in Queens. Shari was an extremely good sport and agreed to be filmed as she saw her piece for the first time. Here then, is my first attempt at film-making. Enjoy!

(A note to cinematography critics: I understand that the piece in not in the shot. However, the bedroom was very small and I could not capture the look on Shari's face and the armoire in the same frame. You keep making movies; I'll keep building furniture!)


  1. Amazing! Who could have known that custom furniture delivery was so exhilarating! The cinematography is outstanding, the voices emit so much emotion and I can not even imagine what happened next (such a cliffhanger) Please make more movies, more deliveries, more furniture, more everything!

  2. Hmmm...I suspect this comment by "Anonymous" was posted by a friend, but I'll let it stand just in case it wasn't.

  3. Great carpentry, very sweet installation. Well done, Yitz.

  4. Hi, Im from LinkedIn group, nice work !
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  5. Great "movie" Yitz! You obviously delighted your client and delivered above her expectations! Way to go :-)